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The Asset times

It was an honor and an amazing opportunity to be part of the Asset Times , part of the special edition of the ART magazine .

Status is online Gareema aka RIMA M• 1stCEO and Founder: The Corporate Investment Times Magazine4d • 4 days ago Let new adventures begin. Bringing to you this New Year, a New and the first of its kind and if I may say, the only magazine featuring Assets & Collectibles of all kinds… "the Asset Times' Magazine - January 2022 Launch Edition. Art, NFTs, Coins, Collections, Paintings, New Age Digital Assets, Domain Names, Properties -if you own them we will feature them for you to showcase to everyone out there. Single Click Free to download link (No Subscription/Signup/Fee Required): Featuring in this launch edition we have Contemporary Art, NFTs & domains from across the world: Melvin Thambi, Creative Director | ▲●■ NFT Artist | Design Mentor at ADPlist Talks about #art, #design, #nftart, #business, and #mentoring Michal Avrech Award-Winning International Contemporary Artist l Contemporary Landscapes l Landscape Art l Impressionist Paintings l Expressionist Paintings l Colorful Art l Abstract Art Rahul Mhetre Fine Artist Christos Hatjoullis Creative Director - NFT Artist & Collector VR Producer Talks about #nfts, #nftart, #blockchain, and #cryptocurrency Evgeniia K. Digital Artist - NFT's Creator william zalewski Artist Michael Patrick Dooner Domain Name Trader From Ireland Lans King Interdisciplinary Artist William Mahan Inventory Management / NFT ARTIST/ Metaverse/Video Manipulation / Cryptographic Digital Assets Investor Stay strong, stay inspired. Publishing your digital and contemporary collections that will last for generations that are going to come, the Asset Times Magazine Assets are for Generations. #artthatinspires #inspiregenerations #freemagazine #artmagazine #nftartists #nftmagazine #coincollector #artcollection #artist

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