ממעמקים קראתי יה 120על90.jpg

A series of paintings that combine biblical texts with bright colors, in order to express the purity of prayer, the brightness of spirituality

The enchanted blue of the Lupine flowers lay like rugs on the magical view of my city. It always takes me back to a time when my mother took us hiking and would teach us the names of every flower we encountered. I continued her path by teaching my husband and my kids about the flowers they’ve encountered through the years. This deep color of blue always imprints a sense of sweet nostalgia, that I wish to instill within the hearts of those viewing these paintings.



Forest Anemones 100X100.jpg

The "Family" serie deals with family connections and emotions such as love, acceptance, compassion, humor, playfulness. These emotions are presented in a symbolic and abstract way. Part of this series was selected for presentation at the Florence Biennale, October 2021.

When light meets water, joy flickers on the white canvas. A series of paintings that celebrate the brightness of nature. 

Deepness 80X90.jpg

I often paint in strong and optimistic colors that also give me a sense of hope, joy and vitality, daring and energy, while reflecting on my inner world. I try to convey these feelings to the viewer so that he can see the reflection of his inner as well as the outer world. The landscapes are a kind of general generic landscapes so that a viewer can find his own landscapes in them.