Michal Avrech Artist Statement

I create imaginative landscapes with fast, expressive brush strokes without careful planning, as if I’m painting in the consciousness of a dream. Intense colors express my energetic character. Painting on large canvases, I convey a sense of space and freedom, hope, joy, and vitality while reflecting my inner world. The landscapes purposefully set a general, generic tone through which a viewer can find his own personal landscapes.

More recently I have started painting abstract and completely imaginary images which deal with questions about the creation of the world. The abstract also deals with longing for my beloved family and friends through new themes--childishness, illustration, and wellbeing.

I am an award-winning international artist based in Israel. I have participated in many exhibitions throughout Israel, Europe, and the USA.

Michal Avrech Bio 

Michal Avrech is an internationally renowned artist based in Israel. She has a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Art Therapy, both from Haifa University. She works as an artist and also as an art therapist with at-risk youth. She is a member of the Israeli Professional Visual Artist Association, the INT Association of Art, and the Jewish Art Salon, the largest Jewish global artist association.    



  • Collector’s Vision Art Award 2021 

  • Power of Creativity Art Prize 2021

  • Prizma Art Price, Finalist, 2020.


  • Artist Table Mention Award,2020.

  • Contemporary Venice, 2018.

Cell: +972-54-2322379

Web: https://www.singulart.com/en/artist/michal-avrech-29887?ref=ts