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Open spaces   80cmX120cm Acrylic on Canvas 2019.jpg

Artist Statement 

I describe my paintings as dynamic and universal, inviting viewers to reflect upon their inner and outer worlds. Fast, expressive brush strokes without careful planning create a painting like a dream. Vivid abstractions are translated through an impressionistic and expressive lens using intense colors on large canvases. Acrylic paintings show my soul, memoriesand love for people and places I’ve encountered throughout my life.


I paint beloved places and landscapes, as well as interpretations of daily life matters such as family, childhood, motherhood, etc. In the same way that I aim to provide my art therapy patients with optimism, my paintings seek to convey feelings of hope and vitality within me. I think that in these difficult times, searching for and providing glimpses of hope can be meaningful.


I paint in my home studio, but also love finding unique places to set up my canvas. I usually paint landscapes near my home and Northern Israel. The environment I depict is nature that I love. Sometimes I create with acrylics in open space, and sometimes I take photographs and paint in my home studio.


In the last few years I have found myself painting without a reference, leading to a more abstract style. I allow my imagination to guide my paintings around topics that interest me as an art therapist, such as childhood and motherhood. Furthermore, I'm deeply inspired by the exhibitions that I'm invited to present in, each of which has a theme, and I enjoy exploring these themes in an abstract way as they allow me to expand my boundaries as an artist.

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