Michal Avrech Artist Statement

I create fantastic and imaginative landscapes with expressive and fast brush strokes, without careful planning, like a painting in the consciousness of a dream. Usually, I use intense colors.  It expresses my energetic character. I create mainly on large canvases. This is how I manage to express a sense of space and freedom, hope, joy, and vitality while reflecting on my inner world.  The landscapes are a kind of general generic landscapes so that a viewer can find his own landscapes in them.

Recently I have been painting abstract and completely imaginary images, which also deal with questions about the creation of the world,   as well as dealing with longing for my beloved family and friends through new content in paintings childishness, illustration, and wellbeing.

 I am an international artist based in Israel. I have participated in many exhibitions in Israel, Europe, USA and received some awards.

Michal Avrech Bio

Michal Avrech is an international artist based in Israel. She has  B.A in fine arts and M.A. in art therapy, both from Haifa University. She works as an artist and also as an art therapist with youth at risk. She is a member of the Israeli Professional Visual Artist Association, a member of the INT Association of art and a member of the Jewish Art Salon, the largest Jewish global artist association   


Michal  exhibited in many local exhibitions, as well as in Europe and the US. She is represented in Europe via Paks Gallerie, by curator H. Playner.

In the US, her participation in Art Fair is via Sarona Gallery

  • Art Spectrum Miami  2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

  • Art Expo Las Vegas  2018

  • Art Expo New York  2018, 2019,2021

  • Art Expo San Diego  2019


In Europe, her participation in exhibits include:

  • MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Lower Austria, via PAKS Gallery, curator Heinz Playner 2021. future exhibition

  • M.A.D.S Gallery, Milano, 2021 , curator Marina.

  • Art Fair Venice 2021, curator Guilla Tassi.

  • Florence Biennale, 2021  , curator G. Cordonni.

I Infinity Dreams , online exhibition ,2021 , teamcurator CAC Magazine.

  • Paks Gallery, Munich, Germany   , curator Heinz Playner 2021. Future exhibition

  • Carrousel du Louvre   via Paks   Gallery, curator Heinz Playner 2021. Future

  • The Blue Bird Gallery Tel Aviv   ,curator Sara Raz. Future exhibition.

  •  The Bauhaus Gallery   Tel Aviv, curator  E. Rozenberg     2021 Future exhibition

  • Artisttable Gallery ,online gallery, curator Tali Farchi &  Roies , 2020

  • Atelier Montez Gallery, Rome, Italy, via Prizma Art Prize, Curator Marco Crispano.2020

  • Carrousel du Louvre, Art Shopping, FIAC, Paris 2019 via PAKS Gallery, curator Heinz. Playner.

  • Contemporary Art Curator Magazine  - http://www.contemporaryartcurator.com/michal-avrech/

  • Marziart international Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, 2019, curator Marion Zimmermann.

  • Contemporary Venice', Venice, Italy,  curator Itsliquid Group, 2019

  • ledioscope of Life, Moscow, Russia,  curator I. Shoval 2019,

  • Israeli Contemporary Artist Exhibition, London, England, curator Rami Azzam, 2018

  • Florence Biennale, curator Prof. Giovanni Cordoni, 2021.

  •  Infinity Dreams, on line exhibition Contemporary art Curator, 2021.




  • Judaica in the spotlight  Art Magazine 2021

  • Collector Book New Perspective by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine 2020

  •  Judaica In The Spot Light website   ,  Interview by  Sara Sussman 2020

  • Artist table interview  in their website  2020

  • Modern art masters in complex du Louvre   2019 , curated by Hienz  Playner

  • Contemporary art curator www.contemporaryartcuratormagazine.com  

  • Kann Magazine 2018

  • Israeli Television TV channel   12,   2018

  • Israeli Art Collection Book, by   Stemazky   2016.

  • Path of Clouds children book   by P. Marcus   illustrated by Michal Avrech 2013

  • Dino and Dina in the zourous Land by P.Marcus illustrated by Michal Avrech Stemazky Publishing 2012

  • The Path of Verse by P.Marcus illustrated by Michal Avrech Pardes Publishing 2011


Awards :

  • Collectors Vision international Award, via Contemporary Art Curator Magazine 2021

  • One of the finalist of Prizma Art Price 2020

  • Artisttable   woman   mention award 2020

  • Contemporary Venice 2018


Cell:       +972542322379

Web:     www.art-michalavrech.com