Michal Avrech is an international artist based in Israel, who has a B.A in fine arts and M.A. in art therapy, both from Haifa University.
She has been working as an artist and also as an art 
therapist with youth at risk.

Michal has been painting since childhood. She is influenced by the impressionistic artists who express their feelings and the atmosphere of the day.
She usually creates her images 
with an expressive way, a lot of colors, energetic brush strokes and thick layers of acrylic or water colors.

Her art works reflect inner imaginative thoughts, communicating her feelings, and reflecting moments of joy. The joyful and rich colors of her paintings also express her mission that her pupils and the people who see her work will feel powerful,
free and optimistic.
She chooses
to paint the places and the people she loves, and those paintings express her feelings and soul in a way that everybody can relate to in their own way.

She usually paints series of paintings that goes together and continues each other,but also stands by itself. In the last few years, as her kids grew up, she began to exhibit more.

Michal exhibited in many local exhibitions, as well as in Europe and the US.
She is represented in Europe via Paks Gallerie, by curator H. Playner.

In the US, her participation in Art Fair is via Sarona Gallery:

  •  Art Spectrum Miami 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

  • Art Expo Las Vegas 2018

  • Art Expo New York 2018, 2019

  • Art Expo San Diego 2019


In Europe, her participation in exhibits include:

  • Carussel The Louvre, Art Shopping, Fiac, Paris 2019 via Paks Gallery, curator Heinz Playner.

  • Contemporary Art Curator Magazine - http://www.contemporaryartcurator.com/michal-avrech/

  • Marziart international Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, 2019, curator Marion Zimmermann.

  • Contemporary Venice', Venice, Italy, 2019, curator Itsliquid Group.

  • ledioscope of Life, Moscow, Russia, 2019, curator I. Shoval.

  • Israeli Contemporary Artist Exhibition, London, England, 2019, curator Rami Azzam.

  • Atelier Montez Gallery, Rome, Italy, via Prizma Art Prize, Curator Marco Crispano 2020

  • MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Lower Austria, via Paks Gallery, curator Heinz Playner 2021.

  • Paks Gallery, Munich, Germany , curator Heinz Playner 2021.


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