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Florence Biennale

Last October, I was invited to participate in the Florence Biennale, an exhibition showcasing over 1,000 pieces of art by 450 artists from all over the world (62 countries!). I got the opportunity to get to know fellow artists and enjoy their art work. After returning home I felt so thankful and I want to share this special experience with you. First of all, I want to thank Giovanni Cordoni, the Event Manager, to whom I owe my deepest thanks for his warm welcoming. Additionally, the curators were especially generous and opened the doors for me in Italy and Europe: Quirino Martellini, @Giulia Tassi, Luca, Giuditta R., @Marion Zimmermann and @Martina Viesti. This was an unforgettable journey! I am grateful to my family, friends, colleagues, pupils who support me and give my life meaning.

I want to thank Sari Golan and our group of artists who have guided and supported me throughout the years and to the Israeli curators Tali Cohen Garboz, Galit Tzimblist, Shuki Cohen and Shiri Meir.

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